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Happy House Good Choices Store

Dozens of pilot programs with hundreds of children of all ages have shown How to Make Good Choices and its companion workbook to be highly effective in getting children to make their OWN good choices.

The program is now available in an easy-to-use kit that has everything you need to start delivering the program right away. The kit contains:

  • Twelve copies of the How to Make Good Choices Booklet
  • The Good Choices Lesson Plan workbook
  • An audio CD of How to Make Good Choices, narrated by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson and co-founder of Happy House
  • A copy of The Way to Happiness Booklet
  • The Way to Happiness DVD with public service video presentations of the 21 moral guidelines covered in the booklet.
Additional Good Choices Booklets (12)
Additional Lesson Plan Book
Audio CD (Audio Version of "How to Make Good Choices")
Happy House Good Choices Family/Home School Toolkit