Results and Successes

The Good Choices Program has been delivered in public schools, private schools, youth groups and home school programs with excellent results.

Below are results and successes from some of the recent program graduates.

Thousand Oaks     Santa Barbara     San Jose

Thousand Oaks Boys and Girls Club

Emmy Award Winning actress Nancy Cartwright with recent Good Choices Program graduates
in Thousand Oaks, California.

Successes from Good Choices Program graduates:

I use the information from the Good Choices program by helping my Mom. She just had a baby and I help her a lot because he cries a lot and I always try to help her. I also help my parents and clean up and stuff. It makes me feel happy and my Mom and Dad feel really good that I’m actually taking the time to help her. I like that you guys came in here and just helped us realize what we should be thankful for and all that we need to be doing, like instead of putting people down we should be helping them. - C.R.

I like the videos, especially the one about “don’t cheat”. And I also liked reading and figuring out how I can be better and make myself on the way to happiness. I’ve been helping my Mom, when she asks me to clean my room I do that and then clean my sister’s because sometimes it’s a little messy and she’s doing piano. I also clean the bathroom. This makes my sister, me, my Dad and Mom very, very happy. I want to thank you guys for coming in and helping us go to the road to happiness. - A.W.

The program was a lot of fun. Watching the videos was the most fun, especially the one with the guy getting slapped. I like how you guys came in and helped us with making good choices. I’ve made good choices in my life by cleaning my room sometimes and this makes my Mom happy. For some reason, one time, I took this bucket and filled it with water and I made her her own little spa. The Good Choices Program was fun. - J.G.

I like making better choices than I was before you guys came in – doing better stuff. Like meeting other friends that my other friends didn’t like and I included them in. Also believing in myself and following my path and not their path. The program was really awesome. - S.L.

This was really fun. The best thing I liked about the program were the videos on how to make good choices by helping other people when they get pushed and the part about the little boy painting over graffiti and the other kids coming to help him.

I use the information form the Good Choices program by helping other people if they are in need, like sometimes when they are pushed and they fall and it’s just good to help them out to feel better. I also help my family out like with my sister and her friend were coming over. My Dad asked me to clean her room and kitchen and instead I cleaned all the rooms and the house. - B.F.

Like everybody else, I liked watching the videos. Especially the one with this guy that was painting over the graffiti and the other guys coming over to help him. Some of the chapters are about helping others and helping your parents, so I started to do chores I never did before. I only did chores when I was 6 but then I started to do them again after the first day of the Good Choices Program. It was really fun and I want to thank you for coming. - E.S.

Program Leader Success

I have seen the children really excited about the program and actually use the chart that shows them the degree of good and bad choices they can make. I plan to post that chart and use it during the school year. Our kids are amazing and have been very excited about the classes. The kids are really good but they have stepped up even more on helping each other out. We have a severely autistic child here and several of the kids that have been part of the Good Choices class have taken it on to themselves to really get to know her and make sure she’s where she's supposed to be, etc. The kids love the program and have been really excited about attending the classes every Friday. It's been such a wonderful opportunity to have you here every Friday and I really appreciate it all.

G.H. - Program Director

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Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club

Emmy Award Winning actress Nancy Cartwright with recent Good Choices Program graduates
in Santa Barbara, California.

Successes from Good Choices Program graduates:

You know I now try not to do things to others that I wouldn’t like them to do to me. Well, I went to my school and I told the principal that there’s been bullying in school. And now, all the people who’ve been bullying got suspended. - L.N.

This program was very helpful for me. It was fun and taught me a lot of stuff. Now I know to make good choices I choose in life to succeed and if someone tells me I can't do what I like I will just ignore them. I will do what I will do best and choose to make good choices in life and not steal, hurt or bully. I will be kind and helpful to everyone. I will never steal or murder anyone in life and I will be super kind. - E.G.

I really thought this program taught me well. I would really love to take this program again! Every time someone does something bad, they get in trouble. I hope if other people see the videos and listen to the lessons they will realize that every time you do something wrong you get in trouble and will have to face the consequences! Remember make GOOD CHOICES! - L.S.

This program helped because it taught me about sticking up for others and helping my parents out. It taught me about GOOD CHOICES. Now I know to be nice to others and treat them the way you want to be treated. - K.M.

Program Director
I read through the book and loved it. This is the exact thing that we wanted to present to the kids. The kids really do need a good moral compass. This program is so hands on and this is why I participated in every class because I really wanted to learn how it works and how it's delivered. It's so fun to see how the kids interacted and they're so excited, and I love that. Today when we passed out the papers and asked the kids what they got out of the program, some of the responses were beautiful. Throughout the week we talk about what they've learned during the program and I get kids that come up to me and tell me how one of the kids is bullying another kid and feel he should be stopped. So they really remember the lessons and talk about it throughout the week. That's why I know it's working.
C.B., Program Director

Boys and Girls Club Executive
I love the successes from our children that enrolled in the Good Choices class. What a great opportunity for us to impact our children in a positive way. They really need to know the possibilities available to them once they make the right choice! Thank you for bringing this program to our club. It sure seems to be impacting our kids greatly.
D.R., Program Executive

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San Jose Happy House/Good Choices Delivery

City Councilman Pete Constant was a recent guest speaker for the Good Choices Program at the Starbird Teen Center in San Jose.

Successes from Good Choices Program graduates:

I learned that instead of doing drugs, drinking or joining a gang you can join a basketball team or become a fireman. Just something to keep you away from doing something that will change your life in a bad way. You could make the choice of going to prison or becoming successful. The thing I liked most was being able to make a good choice. And by joining this program, I have changed how I make my choices. - CR

What I learned this summer is to make good choices. In this program I learned that I should not get in gangs or in bad stuff. This program taught me so much because I used to think that gangs were cool and I wanted to get in one when I grew up. Wow that I came to this program I don’t want to join a gang anymore. Thank You. - PP

I learned that we need to make good choices. I learned that I should not get stuff that’s not mine. I learned to always floss your teeth. I also learned never to get in a gang. - AM

I learned to not do drugs because they are bad. - CJ

What I learned is that making good choices is good for your life. I liked the guy that spoke about gangs because that’s a real experience. Making good choices is the way to be happy. - CD

I learned to eat the right kinds of food every day. To have fun. Don’t do drugs. - JE

This summer I learned to be good in school and to do my best in staying out of gangs and not doing drugs because you will regret it later on in life. I also learned that eating 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy and strong. Brushing your teeth and flossing will keep your mouth healthy. - VR

I learned that drugs are bad and that stealing is bad and you shouldn’t do it. Drugs are bad cause they will/can kill your brain cells and will eat your insides. - JM

This summer I learned that making good choices can really help in the future. This program has helped me realize that making good choices can help me and the people around me will as well. The people that worked here are very kind and they make you feel at home. They brought us guest speakers and took us to other places so we can see to make good choices not only in our neighborhood but everywhere. One of the guest speakers was a dancer and I love to dance so that was great to see if you really tried that you can do whatever you want. - MB

I learned that we can positively affect our lives and the world by making good choices. If we avoid drug abuse, eat healthy, and care for ourselves and our community, we can make our world a better and safer place. Change starts with ourselves and happiness lies in the service of others. Thanks for a great summer! - AC

What I learned is that it’s good to make good choices and when you make them you are on your way to being happy. I also learned not to do drugs because when you do them you will mess your life up in the future also you get more depressed. I also learned if you have a dream that you stick to it and practice. - RL

During the good choice program that was held at the teen center I learned a lot, for example how to eat healthy. Also, a lot of laws and how to make smarter choices so I could have a great and wonderful life instead of a really bad life of crime. It also helped me in staying out of trouble. Instead of being in the streets doing bad things I was getting more educated and having a better life. For that I thank the Good Choices Program. - JG

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